Our vision is for future generations to Arise & Tell the wondrous deeds of the Lord to generations yet to come. We need more space in our Kids & Preschool Ministries to achieve this goal.

Arise & Tell is the name chosen for our stewardship campaign because it captures a vision from scripture (Psalm 78) that sees beyond brick and mortar. Arise & Tell is a vision for people. Specifically, it is a vision for people who have yet to be born to attend Stevens Street, hear about Jesus, and raised up to be witnesses for Christ.

We must be ready to reach this generation so that they can reach the next generation; not just for the future of our church, but for the expansion of His kingdom.

New 1st Floor Preschool Area
– 12 Classrooms (increases capacity by 40%)
– Secure Entry with Check-In
– Jack & Jill Bathrooms

New 2nd Floor Kids Area
– 8 Classrooms (increases capacity by 50%)
– Secure Entry with Check-In
– 2,700 sf. Assembly Area

Expanded Foyer & Main Entrance
– Approximately 5 times the size as current foyer

Adult Life Group Rooms
– Will occupy all current Preschool & Kids space creating a large surplus of rooms

Our Goal

Building and planning for the future takes wisdom and faith.

Pastor Scott Parkison, along with the leadership of Stevens Street Baptist Church, has been seeking wisdom and praying earnestly to hear God’s will in this process.  We have three potential goals in this campaign.  The first goal is set at an attainable $2 million.  The second goal may take a little faith, set at $3 million. Our third goal of $4 million is attainable as well when we give generously with our finished goal in mind.  After all, we serve a BIG & MIGHTY God and with Him, we can do BIG & MIGHTY things!